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Community College Schedule

Los Angeles Community College

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Modern Dance Techniques I: Class # 11385
Modern Dance Techniques II: Class # 11525
Modern Dance Techniques III: Class # 29081

Combined class meets Wednesday 4-6:05pm
at City: Kinesiology South 202
From August 28—December 17, 2017

1 Unit, Meets CSU E1

Yoga Skills I: Class # 28148
Yoga Skills II: Class # 28150
Yoga Skills III: Class # 28655

Combined class meets Thursday 4-6:05pm
at City: Kinesiology South 202
From August 28—December 17, 2017

1 Unit

Pierce College


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Yoga Skills I

Class # 22746 meets Monday & Wednesday 6:30–7:35am
Class # 22738 meets Monday & Wednesday 8:00–9:05am

Both classes meet at Pierce: North Gym 5603
From August 28—December 17, 2017

SAMPLER of Classes & Workshops

YOGA – Move with Breath, Ease and Awareness! Enjoy greater stability and mobility with an alignment based practice designed to safely develop flexibility, strength, and greater connectivity in the body-mind. Learn, improve and grow in a yoga practice that embraces functional movement and personal needs.

BALL WORK FOR EVERY BODY – Release, Relax and Return to movement ease and flexibility. Using  small and large balls, participants are guided in progressive, safe, and playful movement experiences designed to open areas of tension and tightness in the body from head to toe.  Learn safe and effective fascial release techniques and receive take-away strategies and tools to practice at home and in the workplace.