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Workshops For Every BODY

 School Programs

Packages designed for Elementary, Middle, & High Schools


Movement improvisation experience designed to develop creativity and collaboration for movers of all levels of experience.  Flocking & Flying builds body-mind awareness, concentration, listening skills, and teamwork.  See youtube link for more information.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE for Middle and High School Students

Contemporary Dance workshops for middle/high school dance students that support full-body expression, body connectivity and creativity.  Based upon contemporary dance technique and selected movement principles, classes are designed to help students improve alignment, flexibility and musicality while moving through space, into and out of the floor, and in standing work.  Improvisation, partner work, and anatomical information are woven through the classes to assist movers in understanding personal movement patterns and safely improving technique. 


Creative Movement – Workshops for Elementary School

Packages designed to support core curriculum or other program needs.


Using concepts drawn from Nature, Architecture, Geology, Physics, Biology, Geometry, and Visual Art, students are guided in the process of using their bodies to collaborate in the creation of shapes and designs that move through space.  A literacy component is threaded through the lessons, allowing students to create stories, develop vocabulary, research, and write about their work to inform the final performance.  Themes for workshop series created in consultation with school sites.



Classrooms that Breathe

Breath is the source of life. Breath fuels the brain, enlivens the body, and supports health and all our sensory systems.

 CLASSROOMS THAT BREATHE, (CTB), workshops give educators strategies to support whole person learning in the classroom.  Embracing Movement Education, Anatomy, Literacy, Brain Research, Visual Art, and Music, CTB prepares teachers to develop:

-Strategies for planning multi-dimensional lessons

– Body-Mind integrated approach to education

 Special Focus workshops are available upon request.  CTB is applicable to Common Core Standards.


To design a workshop or schedule a workshop, contact Diana at


Release, Relax and Return to movement ease and flexibility. Using both small and large balls, participants are guided in progressive, safe, and playful movement experiences designed to open areas of tension and tightness in the body from head to toe.  Workshops offer take-away strategies to practice at home and in the workplace.


JOY IS ROUND Workshops can be done in a series or individually

Special Focus workshops are available upon request:

            Upstairs/Downstairs – a full body experience

            The House Upstairs – Emphasis on Shoulders/Upper Body

            Downstairs – Emphasis on Feet/Legs/Hips

            “Detexting” – Regain Happy Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands from the demands

                                   of computer, cell phone, and other machines for living.



 How do we regain body ease and connectivity in our daily life?  Where does tension reside and how can we let go and reclaim our energy and enthusiasm to work, play, and participate more fully in life.  THE MIND BELOW YOUR NECK workshops are designed to introduce somatic/body friendly movement experiences derived from yoga, dance, and developmental patterning to release habits of tension and holding in the body.  For all movers – no experience required.


Special Focus workshops are available upon request:

            Release your Spine – Free your Mind

            Magic Mountain – Free Rides for Body and Soul


Workshops For Dancers

Knock Knock Is My Body Home?


Flexibility out of reach? Body parts out of alignment?  Turns or turn-out not up to par?  Can’t seem to find your balance, the tension in the neck and shoulders never seems to go away?  That injury in your ankle, back, shoulder,____,_____, (fill in the blank) never seems to go away?