Private Training

BodyMindAlive draws on Yoga, Pilates, dance and ball work movement exercises to help people promote a fuller range of movement. My goal is to empower you. For more information and to design a program that fits your needs, goals, and schedule, contact Diana at

BodyMindAlive can help you…

  • Heal an injury
    By observing your current body movement patterns, we uncover problematic tendencies and habits, offering the best possible strategies to change and recover
  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance breathing ability in multiple directions
  • Enhance core muscle support and for full body movement
  • Release body tissues to develop greater ease of movement
  • Improve flexibility, balance, coordination
  • Increase strength and stability
  • Become more aware of your surroundings and the need to move
  • Gain healthy movement strategies for enhancing daily living
  • Play and discover greater possibilities in movement

BodyMindAlive Classes

  • Classes are available for all levels
  • Private sessions run between 1-2 hours
  • Classes can be held at your site or a private studio
  • We provide a variety of portable support tools needed for your session or class at no extra charge (stability balls, therabands, for example)
  • Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or other arrangement that works with your schedule
  • Small groups or special focus workshops are available, including:
    • YOGA – Move with Breath, Ease and Awareness! Enjoy greater stability and mobility with an alignment based practice. This yoga class embraces functional movement and personal needs.
    • BALL WORK FOR EVERY BODY – Using small and large balls, participants are guided in safe and playful movement experiences, designed to open areas of tension in the body from head to toe. Gain tools to practice your skills at home and in the workplace.

BodyMindAlive Workshops For Dancers

  • Contemporary Dance Training focuses on fluid, whole body movement to support full body connectivity and enhance your performance skill.
  • Re-pattern movement habits to reduce tension, prevent and heal injuries
  • Gain confidence in class work and performance.
  • Classes integrate somatic movement therapy work (Bartenieff, ball work, etc.)
  • Dance workshops are available for all levels
  • Dance workshops run between 1-2 hours

BodyMindAlive Movement Coaching

  • For dancers, actors, and speakers who want to sharpen their presentational skills
  • Gain confidence to be seen and be heard

The things we discover for ourselves are the most important.

Pina Bausch